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Web Design

Webgel, with its innovative approach to web design, offers cutting-edge solutions that blend creativity with functionality. Our team specialises in crafting bespoke web design that not only look visually stunning but also deliver an intuitive user experience.

Website Development

At Webgel, we excel in WordPress web development, offering customised solutions that empower businesses to manage their online presence effectively. Our expertise in WordPress, the world's leading content management system, enables us to create websites that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and user-friendly.

SEO Agency

Webgel stands at the forefront of SEO, offering a comprehensive suite of SEO services designed to drive business growth. Our approach to SEO is meticulously crafted, focusing on optimising websites for higher search engine rankings, increased organic traffic, and enhanced user engagement.

Award Winning Web Design in Taunton

Welcome to Webgel, delivering the best of web design and SEO services across Taunton

At Webgel, we really do understand the truth in good online visibility benefiting you and, as such, have a totally committed team of expert professionals to work with you throughout the process of achieving just that. Whether you're a small business looking to make your mark or an established company aiming to enhance its digital footprint, we offer tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.

Our core services span web design, SEO, and digital marketing, with the intention of upscaling your visibility to drive a great deal of traffic to your site. We specialize in web design Taunton, ensuring that our products are not just great looking but perform well. We follow a collaborative approach to ensure that your vision and goals are at the center of any particular project.

Our strategies, by and large, are more data driven and result oriented with SEO. We would carry out detailed keyword research so that we are in the know regarding what terms your potential clients use in their searches, and then optimize your site accordingly. This includes on-page optimization of content, meta tags, and images as well as off-page optimization through creating high-quality backlinks. Thus, through this, organic traffic is increased along with search engine rankings for the business.

At Webgel, we also do all the digital marketing works that include social media management, content creation, and pay-per-click advertising. We use these tools for you to reach your target market and brand yourself strongly online. Our team stays on top of all the latest practices and industry trends to make sure your marketing endeavors are at an advanced level.

We will ensure quality in the delivery of work and service, which will be the centerpiece of your satisfaction as a customer. Our Taunton-based customers rely on us to provide effective and reliable solutions that will drive the results they need. From your first consultation to the final launch, we'll work hand in hand with you to ensure that you're satisfied.

Choose Webgel and you won't have a service provider, you'll have a partner. We love nothing more than seeing businesses in Taunton grow online. If you're looking for an all-singing, all-dancing new website, extensive SEO work, or some ongoing digital marketing support, we can help. Get in touch to talk through how we could work together to achieve what you want online.




Who we are

Webgel is made of an experienced team of website design experts, developers and SEO consultants who combine cutting-edge technology with creative web design.

Our philosophy

We aim to bring a level of technical excellence and creative web design flare rarely found in the website design industry.

How we work

We work to give a smooth delivery of a beautiful website that captivates and engages your target audience, streamline the user journey and remain true to your brand direction.



SEO & Digital Marketing Agency

Our SEO Agency are here to problem solve why you are not ranking in Google and to come up with an SEO/ Digital marketing strategy that will out rank your competition.

Web Design

At Webgel we have a wealth of experience in delivering high-end user experience web design that is part of tailored strategy to promote growth and meet your business goals. Our team of web designers have a slick process to make your project easy and enjoyable.

E-Commerce Web Design

Let our handmade eCommerce websites take your current web store to next level and beyond. Our eCommerce experts have years of experience in migrating, integrating and strategically marketing your eCommerce platform, giving you better conversions and increased growth.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Our process is built on a deep awareness of your target audience, where we learn about your customers’ habits and emotional drivers, discovered through several research techniques.

Google Page Speed Optimisation

Nearly 50% of web searchers will leave after around only three seconds – One of the most overlooked SEO strategies is Page Speed Optimisation, which is crucial to creating a good environment for your visitors and keeping them on site.

Website Integrations

We have experience integrating our websites with external providers for financing, multi-channel sales and even Customer Relationship Management systems, allowing your business and website to work seamlessly together.

Opencart eCommerce Development

Over 35 years wealth of experience in eCommerce web design, access to 15 opencart eCommerce web developers.

Social Media Marketing

Engaging with your audience on social media is our speciality. It allows us to help you grow your business and maintain your social presence with an effective social media strategy.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our SEO team is here to problem solve why you are not ranking in Google and to come up with an SEO/ Digital marketing strategy that will outrank your competition.

PPC Management

If you’re looking for instant results, Pay Per Click gives first page result on many search engines and provides an instant impact to traffic, exposure and your bottom line.

Local SEO

Search engine algorithms are complex and rely on a multitude of factors to determine where your website is returned in the search results. There are over 200 different ranking factors that range in importance and significance.

Email Marketing

Webgel deliver your content into your clients’ inbox on time allowing you to effectively and efficiently engage new customers. Our tailor made campaigns help advertise your services and products to your target market.

Specialist in WordPress Web Design for Taunton

Webgel is the WordPress web design specialist for Taunton, including Google web.dev and search engine optimisation. Ultrafast and fully responsive on mobile devices, resting on the development of the best sites to view across all platforms

With a proud heritage that spans over five decades, our web design firm stands at the core of Taunton, personifying the gold standard in the digital world. Our extensive range of services encompasses e-commerce integration, comprehensive web design, and digital marketing, including adaptive responsive web design tailored to various industries.

Delve deeper, and you'll discover our expert divisions, each bursting with talented professionals who excel in different areas: Branding and Corporate Identity, User Experience Design, Creative Innovative Advertising Tactics, Mobile App Creation, Open Cart Development, Brochure Web Design, UX Prototyping, and all aspects of SEO. We handle everything from strategic keyword research and content crafting to ROI-focused advertising, SEM, and CRO.

Whether your project is large and complex or small and straightforward, Webgel is here to collaborate with you. Our mission is to achieve the highest excellence without compromising your budget, prioritising your goals and delivering unparalleled quality every time.

Some of Our Clients.

Elevate Your Website with Webgel's SEO Services in Taunton

Are you looking to enhance your online visibility and dominate the search engine results? Look no further than Webgel, the leading SEO company in Taunton.

At Webgel, our team of dedicated SEO specialists are resolute in their mission to deliver superior search engine optimisation services. Our strategies are designed to amplify organic traffic, enhance rankings, and foster robust business expansion.

What Makes Webgel the Optimal Choice for SEO in Taunton?

A Legacy of Success: Our esteemed track record stands as testament to our success for businesses in Taunton and further afield. We pride ourselves on a data-centric approach, utilising pioneering strategies that consistently usher our clients to the pinnacle of search engine rankings, ensuring heightened online visibility.

Bespoke SEO Strategies: Recognising the idiosyncrasies of each business, our SEO solutions are meticulously tailored. Regardless of whether you're a local entity aiming to be a luminary in the Taunton marketplace or a multinational conglomerate broadening your horizons, we're at your service.

Ethical SEO Approaches: Our allegiance lies with ethical and white-hat SEO methodologies. We champion sustainable, long-term growth, ensuring your website not only ascends the rankings but also retains its stature, undeterred by search engine algorithmic shifts.

All-Encompassing SEO Expertise: Our team proffers a vast array of SEO services encompassing keyword research, on-page and off-page optimisation, technical audits, content marketing strategies, and beyond. We shoulder the responsibility, from the preliminary analysis to continuous refinement.

Why is SEO a Quintessential Asset for Your Business?

Augmented Web Traffic: SEO is the zenith of tactics to magnetise organic website visitors. A superior position in search results augments your site's visibility, paving the way for increased engagement and potential business prospects.

Enhanced User Experience: Beyond placating search engines, our SEO endeavours aim to furnish visitors with an unparalleled browsing experience. An optimised, user-centric website retains visitors, ensuring prolonged engagement.

Economical Marketing Solution: Contrasted with conventional promotional methods, SEO emerges as an economical avenue. By zeroing in on users with an active interest in your offerings, superior conversion rates are achieved without straining your financial resources.

Eager to propel your digital footprint? Engage with Webgel, Taunton's foremost SEO specialist. We're fervent about championing businesses in the digital realm. Together, let's sculpt your brand's eminent online stature!

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Let our work speak for us. Have a look at our responsive web design and e-commerce website design projects.


Why Choose Webgel?

You want to know why you should choose us.

It's no secret that some local businesses misrepresent their expertise in the web design and digital marketing realm. Such misleading claims can indeed cast a shadow over your business. At Webgel, we recognise the fallout a subpar website can cause, and we're here to rectify that. With our team of seasoned web design professionals in Taunton, our mission is to rejuvenate your business growth with unparalleled digital strategies.

We never let our expertise overshadow the voices of our clients. At Webgel, based in Taunton, your aspirations drive our process. We actively listen, recommend professional insights where beneficial, and ensure the outcome exceeds your expectations. Our adept web specialists are always available for a chat, and they're dedicated to guiding you seamlessly through every stage, especially if you're rebounding from a less-than-ideal experience with another agency. Let's rebuild and elevate together.

Entrust us with your digital journey, and our primary goal is to witness your business flourish day after day. All we seek from you is an opportunity to revitalise your online brand. At Webgel, we're eager to demonstrate strategies that maximise your return on investment. Let's transform and elevate your online presence together.

Boasting over half a century of experience rooted in London, our agency was born from a genuine local need for growth-centric marketing and dependability. Fast forward to today, and we're elated to stand tall as the UK's premier website design and digital marketing agency.

By uniting our web design talents in Taunton, we've expanded our reach from local engagements to a global clientele. Our commitment remains the same: understanding your unique aspirations and connecting you with the finest opportunities within your sector, ensuring you claim your rightful market share.

Our depth of knowledge stems from years spent as freelancers across multiple agencies. Through shared experiences, we've gained insights into both typical and intricate challenges faced by online marketers in realms of e-commerce, digital marketing, and web design. But at Webgel, we don't merely focus on design; we present holistic solutions to all your digital dilemmas. Partner with us for the comprehensive Webgel experience.

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