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Google Penalty Recovery.

Our SEO team are here to problem solve why you are not ranking in Google and to come up with an SEO/ Digital marketing strategy that will out rank your competition.

Here are the first few checks that need to be addressed ASAP.

Collecting Website Data

The first step is to evaluate your website and collect backlink data and review your content. after we have this information we can move to the next stage. You can get your backlink data from Googles search console (webmaster tools).

Spotting low quality links

Our SEO team will review all your backlink data and compile a list if the spammy/low quality links i.e. a website with 10,000 links on the same page from a blog. Its important that you have all this data on a spreadsheet so you can keep track of all your data.

Removing low quality links

The outreach to the owners of these bad links is very important as we want to try and get these links removed manually. If the website is down or get no response then the ultimatum solution is Googles disavow link tool.


Let our work speak for us. Have a look at our responsive web design and e-commerce website design projects.

Some of Our Clients.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of acquiring natural high rankings in search engines. If 100 people search for DIY Store Taunton a month and you are the top result then you will receive approximately 70% of these search engine views – 70 people. For most businesses there are tens or even hundreds of potential search terms that people are using to find a business or service offering. Our first step with SEO is to identify the most profitable search terms that your business could be ranking for.

Ranking a website with SEO

Search engine algorithms are complex and rely on a multitude of factors to determine where your website is returned in the search results. There are over 200 different ranking factors that range in importance and significance. Some of the most important factors include your on-site content, links to your website from other reputable, relevant sources and the technical architecture of the website. There are also a wide range of smaller ranking factors such as alt-image tags, H1 mark ups, website page loading speed, page structures etc.

Our SEO Process

Webgel believe in a fully transparent SEO programme for all our client’s so that you have a full conception of work undertaken and its intended results. Of course with a complex algorithm that isn’t transparent it is impossible to guarantee results but our programmes are guaranteed to help you grow over time.

Keyword Research

When we start working with you we will first conduct extensive keyword research for you to identify the terms that are potentially most profitable for your business. We will then identify a series of short, mid and long term goals to work towards for your business.

Competition Analysis

Once we have keywords we will identify your competition in each area of your business. This allows us to determine which keywords are going to be the easiest to rank you for. In more competitive fields keywords can be very competitive – by analysing the competition we can identify the realistic costs for ranking a term and its viability for you.

On-site SEO optimisation

Once we have conducted research with you we will conduct a full on-site audit. We will start by ensuring all your pages have correctly optimised content, that on-site link architecture is correct, that your meta descriptions are optimised to increase conversions, that your website has the correct robots text, alt-image tags, that there are no error pages and that pages reach optimal loading times. On-site optimisation ensures that your website can be correctly crawled and indexed by search engines – essentially that they can read your website properly.

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