Email Marketing.

Email Marketing Campaign Design and Execution.

Webgel deliver your content into your clients’ inbox on time allowing you to effectively and efficiently engage new customers. Our tailor made campaigns help advertise your services and products to your target market.

Reaching out to your current and potential customers isn’t a difficult task. At Webgel, we excel in providing an effective connection with your taget audience with the use of regular email marketing campaigns, giving you the best return on your investment.

Email is one of cornerstones of online marketing, with a good return on investment and the potential to develop long lasting relationships. With your existing email list, we can help create a segmented, targeted email marketing campaign, important for driving brand awareness and assisting conversions for your business.

Our in house marketing team are familiar with a range of tools, strategy and implementations in order to deliver your email campaigns, helping you achive the best possible brand engagement.

Webgel will take complete care of your email marketing strategy, from design, templating and delivery, to tracking and reporting.


Let our work speak for us. Have a look at our responsive web design and e-commerce website design projects.

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The Best Email Marketing Strategy

Our email marketing team will review any previous campaign, monitor existing campaigns in order to develop a winning strategy for your email amrketing.

Email Marketing Campaigns

We are ready to manage your marketing campaigns from start to finish – designing, building and supplying the template for communication, as well as delivery, all to ensure that you drive engagment through email marketing channels.

Email Template Design

Working closely with our brand managers, we will make sure that your email campaigns fit perfectly with your business, allowing seamless engagment with email and your online web presence.

Webgel handle everything in the amail campaign process – individually tailoring content from start-to-end of your campaigns, in order to maximise your return on investment, and drive brand recognition through regular email marketing activities.

Increasing your brand presence online with our email marketing services combines our award winning formula, strategies, implementation and tracking with your passion and knowledge of your business.

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