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Let our handmade Opencart eCommerce websites take your current web store to next level and beyond. Our eCommerce web design experts have years of experience in migrating, integrating and strategically marketing your eCommerce platform, giving you better conversions and increased growth.

Optimise Your Ecommerce Success with OpenCart Ecommerce Web Design

Welcome to the world of OpenCart, where cutting-edge technology meets seamless Ecommerce experiences. At Webgel, we specialise in OpenCart Ecommerce web design, empowering businesses to unlock their full online potential. If you're ready to embark on a journey of enhanced sales, user satisfaction, and streamlined management, look no further than our expert team.

Why Choose OpenCart for Your Ecommerce Website?

1. Feature-Rich Platform: OpenCart is renowned for its extensive range of features that cater to various Ecommerce needs. From a user-friendly interface to a plethora of extensions and modules, OpenCart provides a versatile and scalable platform for your online store.

2. Ease of Us* Managing your Ecommerce website should be a breeze, and that's precisely what OpenCart offers. With an intuitive backend, you can effortlessly update products, process orders, and keep your online store running smoothly.

3. Customisation Flexibility: Your brand is unique, and your online store should reflect that. OpenCart allows for extensive customization options, ensuring that your website aligns perfectly with your brand identity and captures the essence of your products or services.

4. SEO-Friendly: As a business owner, you understand the importance of search engine visibility. OpenCart is built with SEO best practices in mind, making it easier for search engines to index and rank your web pages, ultimately driving more organic traffic to your store.

Our OpenCart Ecommerce Web Design Services

1. Stunning Storefront Design: First impressions matter, and our talented designers craft visually captivating storefronts that entice visitors to explore and engage. We focus on creating a seamless user experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

2. Mobile-Responsive Design: In the mobile-driven era, having a responsive website is crucial. We ensure that your OpenCart Ecommerce website adapts flawlessly to various devices, providing a consistent and enjoyable shopping experience for all users.

3. Conversion Optimisation: Driving traffic to your store is just the beginning; converting visitors into customers is the key to success. Our team employs proven strategies to optimise your website for higher conversion rates and increased sales.

4. Secure Payment Integration: Trust and security are paramount in Ecommerce. We integrate secure payment gateways into your OpenCart website, providing a seamless and worry-free checkout process for your customers.

5. SEO Strategy and Implementation: Our Ecommerce web design goes beyond aesthetics; we also prioritise SEO best practices. From keyword research to on-page optimization, we ensure your website is primed for higher search engine rankings and improved visibility.


Let our work speak for us. Have a look at our responsive web design and e-commerce website design projects.

Some of Our Clients.

Opencart Web development

Webgel have been working with our eCommerce partner Opencart for many years and our team of Opencart developers can give your website all the functionality you need to control every aspect of your business online. We have a quality control check point at every stage of your project.

User Experience Design

Our eCommerce web designers will engage with your business to really identify what your key elements are and make sure that your web design will influence your user and give them a happy shopping experience.

Opencart SEO

Online marketing is the most important ingredient to a successful growing eCommerce site. Our team of digital marketing professionals can take the reins on your SEO, content marketing and PPC, Making sure you increase online growth so you can fully concentrate on managing your business.

Support and Retainers

We understand that continued support is crucial to all businesses so we have in place a 24/7 ticketing system backed up with an emergency out of hour’s number. If you’re struggling to find time updating your eCommerce platform, we do offer a monthly retainer to update your site which makes time for you and can save you money.

eCommerce Integrations

We provide a full eCommerce solution and can streamline your website with accounts systems such as Sage, QuickBooks and 3rd party sales channels like Ebay and Amazon. Make these channels streamline at a click of a button will save you hours of time every day and will also eliminate human data entry error.

eCommerce Hosting

We have many different options in place to host your ecommerce solution and our hosting guru’s will give you sound advice on what set up you would require. If needed we can give you your entire website so you can host with a 3rdparty because we only use open source web platforms which gives you full control.

eCommerce Data Migration

Moving ecommerce platforms can hard work. Here at Webgel we have a solution that will pull your ecommerce data into our Opencart system, from whatever ecommerce platform you are on making the transition seamless and stress free.

Masterclass eCommerce Training

All our websites come with a free extensive training session with your account manager. In the session you will cover all the basics on how to update your eCommerce website along with a masterclass on how to unlock the power of your system finished off with a Q and A.

Multilingual eCommerce

Planning on transactions internationally or you want to expand your current web visibility? Making sure that your website is in built in the target area’s native language is crucial. Our experts will advise you on what domains is obliged for each country and can supply a professional translation service.

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