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For businesses looking to run their own in-house SEO and digital marketing campaigns we offer a range of support and training courses to give you a grounding in running your own marketing program.

We offer a range of courses and talks for companies wanting to understand digital marketing and for companies wanting to build their own marketing campaigns.

For businesses looking to keep costs low we do offer SEO support services. With these packages we will help you to develop your own strategies and implement them. We will help you develop an initial strategy for your company and then help you implement it.

Our Support Packages Provide you with everything you need to run your own marketing program in-house. We will provide you technical support and unlimited guidance for the low cost of just £100 a month.

Introduction to Digital Marketing (£100 – 1 hour talk)

For companies wanting to understand the digital landscape more we offer 1 hour introductory talks. The fee is refundable if you sign up for a contract with us within 3 months of the talk.
In this talk we cover all of the basic pillars of digital marketing including:

  • What is SEO?

  • Why do businesses need to operate online?

  • How do search engines work?

  • What is on-site SEO?

  • Why content is pivotal to online success?

  • Links – why we need them and how do you get them?

SEO Strategy Development (£500 – 4 hours)

In an SEO strategy development training session we will guide you through the process of creating a digital marketing strategy for your brand. We will help you to identify the techniques and strategies that will allow you to grow your brand online quickly and effectively.


Let our work speak for us. Have a look at our responsive web design and e-commerce website design projects.

Some of Our Clients.

Keyword Research

From your business and brand personas we will research keywords that are the most likely to deliver customers to your business. We will work through these as a group to identify opportunities for growth.

Content Idea Creation

With research complete we will then begin to look at how we can sell your brand into the wider community. We will start by taking keywords and extrapolating content ideas from them. We will then divide these pages into – landing pages, on-site blogging and news and off-site content. These will form the bedrock of our marketing strategy.

Outreach and Content Marketing

In the penultimate session we will guide you through off-site optimisation techniques. This covers outreach, link building, news and content marketing in more depth. We will identify potential sources of links with you and discuss options for contacting prospects and building strategic partnerships.

Your Business Customer

In the first section of the training we will develop a clear understanding of your business customer and develop brand personas that can be marketed to. These brand personas shame the type of content your website can deliver and your off-site marketing efforts.

Competition Research

From here we will briefly look at what your competitors are achieving in this field. This allows us to identify areas where a business currently is not competing and areas where you can outshine your competition.

On-Site Optimisation

We will briefly explain the basics of on-site website optimisation. By the end of this session we will have demonstrated how to complete basic on-site SEO checks and construct your pages to maximise your ROI in the search engines.

Social Media Community Building

In our final session we will look at the role social media can play in your digital marketing efforts. For many businesses social media is invaluable to creating a brand community. We can help you identify the type of content to share with your customers and the strategies you can use to build your following on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.

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