Please note that this can and should only be done with a domain that you own and can prove ownership of.

My old web company won’t release my domain!

It’s happened to a lot of small businesses and it puts many business owners in the sticky situation of having to go through legal channels or a not-so-friendly back and forth between their old web company, but you are able to make an application to the domain registrar to have your domain released to you and have an update of all the relevant information.

We’ve recently helped one of our clients through this process and while it has taken a while to get it all sorted out, it is possible with a little bit of patience, so if you ever find yourself in such a position, Webgel are perfectly positioned to help you out of this situation.

We are able to manage the entire process from contacting Nominet and passing over ID and cover letters that they require for updating the domain records and releasing them to you.

So if you ever find yourself in a situation where you purchased your domain, transferred it to your hosting company for ease of use and they won’t release it for whatever reason, just remember, everything is possible with a bit of research, patience, and Webgel!

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