An interesting point came up recently in a discussion with a client. I feel that it’s worth having a quick discussion about it.

Is it beneficial for my SEO to have multiple domains pointing to my website?

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The answer that I would give is usually no, especially in the case of new domains.

If you purchase both the and the .com version of the domain so that your competitors cannot take a domain similar to yours, I’d consider that to be okay, I mean protecting your business from your competitors is something to consider also. That being said though, there’s not so much point to this practice any more, as there are so many top level domains available for purchase nowadays, you’d probably spend a couple hundred of pounds securing all of the domains for your site; it’s just not worth it.

The only way that I feel this would be worth it is if you were making a fresh new site with new, unique content and maintained that alongside your current site, but that’s a lot of work and may not even pay off for you in the long run!

So what can you do with this money that you might have spent on the domains? Funnel that into SEO and digital marketing efforts. You’re far better off taking the time and effort to expand your existing brand and website through many different services that we offer, including adwords, on-page SEO, back link building – just a few examples. If you do the onsite SEO properly and look at the off-site SEO, it;s you’re name that will be up there in neon lights, not your competitors.

SEO isn’t a one time thing – Sure, there are many things that you only do once and review every quarter or so, but Google are always updating their algorithms and we’re seeing large shake ups in the search result pages regularly, but the core really remains the same. Produce great content, and make sure the the pages on your website are relevant. All you have to do then is make sure that people know that you are the expert and you’re the one that they should come to when they want a question answered, or a service that you offer. And the ball continues rolling from there – you get a good review, your brand gets shared amongst friends, you get more business.

This isn’t really going to happen if you buy a new domain that isn’t going to add value to your online presence. Content marketing is the way forward!

If you can grab a domain that has a back link profile and has been alive for a while – that’s a different discussion, one for another time!

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